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Why Experienced Global Business Management Consultants Are a Business’s Key Asset

Companies should look for a consulting firm that is capable of supporting them through all the activities that are required to support strategic change. Short of that, companies are faced with the undesirable task of finding additional consulting resources that are a fit with their culture and their needs.

Below are some benefits that a well-rounded and experienced business management consultant brings to a business.

Enables a business to expand its reach

The implementation of lean organization structures has reduced the number of people in a company who are capable of supporting complex one of projects. A seasoned and full service consulting partner provides the bench strength needed to properly plan and implement these projects. Some examples include:

  • Analyzing the best supply chain footprint for your company

In the past three decades, US-based companies outsourced work to Asian regions because these countries provided a cost differential of more than 80 percent when compared to the costs in the US.

Understanding how this affects your company provides a strategic advantage in the marketplace.

Management consultants who specialize in near shoring will study a business (its total cost of ownership) and will assist its stakeholders in preparing and implementing supply chain strategies that maximize profitability, responsiveness and minimize working capital requirements.

  • Planning US-based businesses

Despite having one-third of the total world GDP, the US attracts only a small percentage of foreign businesses who are interested in expanding their served markets. Most foreign businesses look for distributors, manufacturer’s representatives, etc to hawk their products. That is chiefly because many business owners are unaware of the trade policies, culture and buying behaviors of the markets in the US.

Nevertheless, these businesses should take up the assistance of a global management consulting firm to develop effective strategies for serving American markets.

  • Improving operations

Businesses are constantly dealing with competitive headwinds and that is especially true for foreign-own businesses. Often they don’t understand how to boost efficiency, increase market share and optimize their product portfolios. Consulting firms who understand local markets can be their in-country partner to stream line operations, grow sales and increase profitability.

Assist in manufacturing, sourcing and distribution

Consulting firms who specialize in manufacturing have a primary aim of making a client’s manufacturing, sourcing and distribution cost-effective, sustainable, profitable and scalable.

They can help companies achieve double-digit improvements in key business metrics and reduce operational costs. A manufacturing, sourcing and distribution consultant stream lines a business’s supply chain to ensure speed to market and optimized human and financial capital by assessing:

  • Product management
  • Business optimization
  • Organizational design and development
  • Vendor management
  • Process redesign
  • Value stream mapping
  • Continuous improvement
  • Logistics and distribution
  • Supply chain effectiveness

Many management consulting firms are not capable of providing this level of support throughout an entire project so it is important to choose a consulting firm who can, otherwise there is a loss of planning and implementation continuity.

Aid in capturing market share gains

For many businesses, especially middle market companies, it is hard to keep tabs on everything ranging from product management to customer feedback to optimizing a supply chain. It is a lot of work. The lean nature of today’s business organizations are often overwhelmed with managing day to-day activities so planning for the future and implementing those plans is often given a lower priority.

Many companies choose to engage an expert strategist/consultant to help them plan for the future. For improving its’ market effectiveness, a business should hire a management consultant to create and implement strategies for:

  • Product/service roadmaps
  • Portfolio management
  • Product/service marketing and sales techniques
  • Product revenue life cycle
  • Sales effectiveness

Focusing on organizational design and development

Every business is focused on exceptional performance and to set new benchmarks of excellence. In order to do that, organizations need to have the requisite knowledge of leading and managing employees, vendors and other stakeholders.

Businesses that have built a sizeable workforce and an extensive network of vendors requires organizational development consultants to help create organization strategies to manage organizational complexity.

Unlike a project that is focused on fixing a specific issue, organizational development requires a more holistic approach. Successful organizational development consultants deploy assessment programs and undertake a series of continuous improvement workshops to help companies understand their strategic and operating gaps and to develop the appropriate skill sets inside the organization. By doing so, they can improve the performance of a business’s workforce and ensure sustainability.

In general, an organizational development consultancy will work with a client to create programs that are focused on:

  • Strengthening a business’s cultural environment
  • Ensure compliance
  • Revamping staffing, hiring and recruitment processes
  • Analyzing change readiness in a workforce
  • Improve organizational design

Consulting companies are bench strength for a company when they have a need to quickly and effectively implement change. A full service consulting firm is capable of helping a company understand its’ strategic and operating gaps and work with the leadership team to design and implement programs to deal with them.

How Your Views Shape Your Business

What is Reality? When you stop to think about it, reality is basically just your perception of what is real to you. It is your interpretation of the situations that you’ve encountered in your life. Once you realise that your reality (or perception of it) is just as real to you as another person experiencing the same thing, all you need to do is appreciate that in business, you need to be open to the realities of others. Your target audience all have their own realities, their own perceptions, and they can actually be incredibly beneficial to your business, if you can work to adopt them.

If you want to know how, try the following:

Look out/Find out

Find out what other people are saying. Not just the people that you mix with, but industry leaders and other experienced business people who may have different viewpoints of your industry. Identify whether their opinions (their reality) contain suggestions that would benefit the medium to long-term success of your business.

For example, to use the analogy of a half-filled glass of water, one can say that the glass is half-full, another may say its half-empty. However, they may be a further individual, asking why there’s even a glass to limit the flow of water in the first place! Look at the potential of your business from every situation, and remember that it’s all about perspective.


Investigate and determine whether their viewpoints and reality are valid. You may interpret the same thing differently, but everyone is entitled to their own interpretation and the person who acts on the best interpretation of events usually has the best chance of success. Your interpretation may be valid from your viewpoint, but bear in mind, others think their interpretations are valid too. It’s only a matter of subjective opinion.


Identify which viewpoint you believe will benefit your business the most. Then, get to work learning and growing into it.

Embrace and Change

Put in place whatever you need to achieve this. You may need to change the way you look at things. You may even need to change who you hang out with. Once the viewpoint you believe to be correct is ingrained into the culture and beliefs of your business, you have a better chance of building it in the direction you want.

If you can change your interpretation of reality, your opportunities will change along with it.

Common Mistakes Business Owners Make About Banks Accounts

As a business owner, it is important to make sure that all tasks are done properly and efficiently. Therefore, investing in items or services that can help improve these tasks is needed. In addition, there are also some services that are essential in making businesses more reliable.

For instance, when it comes to financial tasks and obligations, it is important for business owners to have reliable professionals who can help them. To make financial tasks better, it is also vital to setup business accounts from banks. Unfortunately, there are cases when business owners make mistakes about bank accounts, which can affect their financial tasks. Below are some of the most common mistakes.

Wrong or insufficient information when setting an account

When starting a business, it is important to also setup a business bank account. However, when setting up an account there are certain requirements needed by banking institutions. And, these requirements may vary depending on banks. With that said, there are instances when business owners provide the wrong or insufficient information needed, which can affect the process.

Using personal account for your business

Managing multiple accounts is very stressful. But, including business bank transactions in your personal account is even worse since you need to sort out your finances, which can consume a lot of time. So, to ensure that you can easily monitor your profits, it is best that you create business bank accounts.

Forgetting about business check signing

When running a business, there comes a time when you will deal with checks. Thus, you need to sign checks in order to make transactions. However, this simple factor is sometimes neglected, which can affect your transaction. So, it is important that you plan business check signing tasks at first to avoid certain delays in the business.

Ordering the wrong checks

Another mistake business owners do about bank accounts is ordering the wrong checks. This is very alarming due to the increasing number of fake businesses. Hence, it is important to assess the checks when ordering in order to make sure that you get the right checks you need.

Working with the wrong bank

Lastly, some business owners make mistake by working with the wrong bank. As of now, almost all banking institutions provide numerous features from online banking up to risk management services. But, there are also cases when banking institutions cannot cover all your financial processes which can affect your business performance. Therefore, you need to look for reliable banks that can suit your business needs.

With all these said, business owners can avoid these issues and ensure better banking services and features to improve their business performance and reputation. Click here for more.